Candidate for Dauphin County Sheriff

Sunday, May 17th, 2015, 10:57 pm
Candidate for Dauphin County Sheriff

After attending a retirement party last night for Cpl. Joseph Nolte, I start to realize after interacting with both active and retired troopers, local police officers and family that my journey now for the office of Dauphin County Sheriff has been in my cards since day one. It is a great and humbling feeling to get the support of everyone as the Candidate for Dauphin County Sheriff.

Who knew 30 years ago when I took that leap of faith and walked up those steps of the finest State Police Agency in the World. So deep in tradition to serve with honor and follow in my Uncle Pete's footsteps how that would change my life forever and serve the people of this great state of Pennsylvania.

I will continue this service now with respect and professionalism for the people of Dauphin County. Anyone that has ever worked in Law Enforcement or as a first responder knows there is no greater feeling to help people directly or indirectly when in need.

Many of you probably don’t know me and while I don’t know all of you personally, I have devoted my entire professional career to keeping you and your families safe from violent criminals. What does all of that have to do with becoming your Dauphin County Sheriff? Do you have any idea how many people will go in and out of the Dauphin County Courthouse in the next four year term of the sheriff? The answer is hundreds of thousands.

In all likelihood you, a family member or someone you know and care about will have to come to the Courthouse for some reason during that time and it will be my job to ensure that everyone is safe.

Is the courthouse a dangerous place? It can be. There are a lot of dangerous people going in and out of the courthouse and it will be my responsibility to ensure that order and safety is maintained within the courthouse. Security and safety are paramount for those who work in the courthouse and those who visit or might be there on business.

The sheriff has many other responsibilities and duties but this is the most important in my opinion. I believe in keeping up to date with current trends and have been an advocate and implementer of technology throughout my career. I will continue to always seek more efficient and cost effective ways to operate the office of Sheriff. One of the things I would like to do that is missing from the agency is create an in house field training program by designating a Field Training Officer. .

My goal is to be fiscally responsible, while maintaining and ensuring the safety and security of the courthouse and the citizens of Dauphin County along with ensuring Accountability, Professionalism, Integrity, and Respect remains with the Sheriff’s Office. I would appreciate your support to get out and VOTE on Tuesday May 19th. Please take the time now and SHARE this post.