Nick Chimienti for Sheriff Formal Announcement

Friday, February 6th, 2015, 1:38 pm
Nick Chimienti for Sheriff Formal Announcement

I am formally announcing on FB and to my friends that I am running for Dauphin County Sheriff in the upcoming 2015 election hopefully to be sworn in Jan of 2016. This position is currently held by a longtime friend and former State Trooper Jack Lotwick who is not running in the upcoming election. In the coming months I will ask each of you to support me and pass the word to your friends and families or share on social media/FB, to anyone that votes in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. All of this will be out soon in the media and I just wanted to give everybody a heads up. I cherish all of my friendships old and new over the years and want to thank those that will support me in this endeavor.

Don’t forget, Joe Pesci a famous Italian actor who played Jake LaMotta’s brother in the “Raging Bull” said to DeNiro regarding an upcoming title fight with Sugar Ray Robinson; “They gotta give you the shot. You understand right? If you win, you win. If you lose… still win. There's no way you can lose.” I think this is my true humble feelings regarding my above statement.